Monday, October 5, 2015


I'm sure by now you have heard of the crazy flooding in SC. We have been lucky and had no issues at our home but surrounding neighborhoods and roadways have been flooded. They recently widened a road nearby and lost part of it to a sinkhole!
So no school for the kids again tomorrow since so many roads are impassable. High tide is coming in and there are homes down the street that are being evacuated as I write this. Send some prayers to those affected by the flooding and to the families of El Faro (the container ship that is believed to have sunk en route to Puerto Rico).

On Wednesday, we met up with Meg and her husband at Holy City Brewing

Flights of 4 4oz. beers are $6 and they have 20 on tap. My favorite was the Pecan Dream. Meg liked the one with pineapple and jalapeno but I could literally feel my insides burning for two hours after trying a sip of hers. :)

Friday night, we met up with a bunch of people for Meg's birthday dinner. Her husband made her a delicious cake and we enjoyed lots of pizza. After dinner, we headed to Prohibition with Meg and Mike for drinks.

I am now obsessed with Moscow Mules and have already added the copper mugs to my birthday wish list. 

After Prohibition, we headed down to Hom to play some ping pong.
Pardon the blurry pic, but Meg was getting her ping pong on against the winner of a previous game. 
 Let's ignore whatever my face is doing in this pic and look at how cute Meg is!! :)

After Hom, we headed to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit for, you guessed it, biscuits!

No pictures of the biscuits because I quickly devoured most of mine!! But they were great and if you're ever in Charleston, you must stop by!

After leaving downtown around midnight, the rain really picked up and that is when it got all kinds of crazy. We spent the rest of the weekend at home watching football (and trying to get over a!).

How was your weekend?! 
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  1. So happy you guys are staying safe and for the most part dry!! Glad you made the most of your weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love the flights! I think it is such a fun way to taste different options. Not sure about the jalapeno one though haha!

  3. Loved seeing you guys on Friday =) The first time I tried a Moscow Mule I was obsessed too.. I don't even remember what's in it? Haha but I just know I really like them, and those Holy City beers sound amazing we need to go!

  4. Oh my goodness it looks like such a fun weekend! Moscow Mules are my favorite, I just wish the mugs were a little cheaper!