Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekending: Legare Farms and more

Good Morning!
I woke up this morning to temps of 39 degrees!! I'm not sure if I remember it ever getting that cold this early in October. I definitely think we are in for a cold winter. Hopefully we will get some snow!! Fingers crossed :)

This weekend was busy. I coached my son's football team Saturday morning and during the game one of his friends was dropped off with my daughter so he could hang with us all day. After the game we came back to the house for an hour and then went to my stepmom's church picnic. The boys had a blast doing sack races, running through the inflatable obstacle course and playing games for prizes.

 After the picnic, we headed over to a park for a classmate's birthday party.
 This park is my worst nightmare. All the party tables are at the back of the playground faaar away from the entrance. The playground is a giant wooden castle and it is so easy to lose sight of a kid. I spend the whole time ignoring other parents and focusing on where my son is playing. I nearly had a heart attack when the birthday boy's dad suggested the kids play hide-n-seek. Of course, five minutes later, they couldn't find their three year old and were running frantically around the incredibly busy park looking for her (she was found safe at the top of a slide).

Sunday we headed out to Legare Farms on Johns Island. I bought a voucher from Living Social for $20 for 4 people (includes gate admission, hayride, maze, pumpkin patch and more).  If you are interested in going, and local, Charleston Deals has 2/$10 admission today. There is also a haunted house/haunted maze deal too. Bring cash because there are food/drinks available to purchase as well as other extras, such as horseback rides for $3.

We hit up the hedge maze first. 

We had a lot of fun in the maze. It would be super creepy at night to go through it with flashlights. If you go, definitely bring bug spray because there were mosquitoes everywhere.
After the maze, we headed to the hayride. This was probably the highlight for most people because you get on the back of a hay filled trailer, pulled by a tractor, and go out to feed some hungry cows and pigs.

My daughter and I just watched everyone else feed the cows because we weren't really fans of having cow slobber dripping from our hands. If that sounds more cool than disgusting, and you go, definitely take some wipes or paper towels in your purse/pocket! :)
We had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the other animals on the farm (donkeys, rabbits, turkeys and goats, to name a few) and walking around the pumpkin patch. We will definitely go again next year because it is such a great deal. Also, it is supporting a farm that has been family-owned and operated for 290 years! 
How was your weekend?! Have you been to any neat pumpkin patches this fall?
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekending in Jacksonville, FL

We took a quick trip down to Jacksonville, FL this weekend to see the Jacksonville University-Stetson game.
 Their marching band was so small! It was cool to see the color guard using rifles. I made rifle squad my freshman year of high school (only freshman to make it!) and have always enjoyed seeing color guards use them.
 My kids, Mom and me heading out after the game... next stop:
 We have a Krispy Kreme in Charleston but it is 30 minutes from my house so I was super excited to find one right outside the gates of the university.

Sunday morning, I woke up around 2:30 and was peeing blood so I drove myself to the ER closest to my Mom's house. It is brand new so I was one of two people in the entire ER.
 I was in and out and back to my Mom's by 4:30 am. I slept in until 11 or so and then got the kids packed up and headed back to South Carolina. I was surprised that traffic wasn't crazy since I-95 is still shut down for about 20 miles near I-26. We passed over the Edisto River which is about 6 feet over the flood plain but hasn't made it over the bridge and roadway. It was sad to see so many homes surrounded by water.  Please continue to pray for those dealing with flood damage!

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Monday, October 5, 2015


I'm sure by now you have heard of the crazy flooding in SC. We have been lucky and had no issues at our home but surrounding neighborhoods and roadways have been flooded. They recently widened a road nearby and lost part of it to a sinkhole!
So no school for the kids again tomorrow since so many roads are impassable. High tide is coming in and there are homes down the street that are being evacuated as I write this. Send some prayers to those affected by the flooding and to the families of El Faro (the container ship that is believed to have sunk en route to Puerto Rico).

On Wednesday, we met up with Meg and her husband at Holy City Brewing

Flights of 4 4oz. beers are $6 and they have 20 on tap. My favorite was the Pecan Dream. Meg liked the one with pineapple and jalapeno but I could literally feel my insides burning for two hours after trying a sip of hers. :)

Friday night, we met up with a bunch of people for Meg's birthday dinner. Her husband made her a delicious cake and we enjoyed lots of pizza. After dinner, we headed to Prohibition with Meg and Mike for drinks.

I am now obsessed with Moscow Mules and have already added the copper mugs to my birthday wish list. 

After Prohibition, we headed down to Hom to play some ping pong.
Pardon the blurry pic, but Meg was getting her ping pong on against the winner of a previous game. 
 Let's ignore whatever my face is doing in this pic and look at how cute Meg is!! :)

After Hom, we headed to Callie's Hot Little Biscuit for, you guessed it, biscuits!

No pictures of the biscuits because I quickly devoured most of mine!! But they were great and if you're ever in Charleston, you must stop by!

After leaving downtown around midnight, the rain really picked up and that is when it got all kinds of crazy. We spent the rest of the weekend at home watching football (and trying to get over a!).

How was your weekend?! 
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