Monday, July 13, 2015

Exploring Charleston: Boxcar Betty's

A couple of weeks ago, I finallllly talked my husband into going to Boxcar Betty's.
He is pretty much a creature of habit and only wants to go to Taco Boy or Mex 1. I love both of those but I really enjoy trying new places and new food items.

Boxcar Betty's is easy to find as it is right on Savannah Highway. They have a good size parking lot for the area and it wasn't crowded at all. Of course, we were going during that in-between meals time and on a weekday, so I have no idea what it's like during peak lunch/dinner times.

The inside of Boxcar Betty's is really cute. The wall we were sitting next to was all reclaimed wood, which was super cool.

The menu isn't extensive but, honestly, that didn't keep me from having trouble ordering. Everything sounded so delicious.
I finally ordered the Boxcar which is a fried chicken sandwich with Pimiento Cheese, Peach Slaw, Spicy Mayo, Housemade Pickles. It was soooo good. Watch your first bite though because the chicken is coming to you straight from the fryer and it is HOT!
After finishing off the sandwich, we decided to order some dessert.
My husband and son went with a root beer float and my daughter and I got the Pecan Pie in a Cup.

A simple yet delicious dessert!
We all, husband included, enjoyed our meals and will definitely be adding Boxcar Betty's to our restaurant rotation!
Have you ever been to Boxcar Betty's?

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  1. Yum!! We live so close to Betty's but have still yet to go! The peach slaw on that sandwich sounds delicious, as does the pie in a cup :)