Monday, March 30, 2015

Exploring Charleston #4 / Weekend Update

It seems as though I am always a week behind when I'm trying to blog! 

Last Tuesday was the Charleston Blog Society's Blogger's Night Out at Open Door Shop. 
This was kind of an embarrassing outing for me. I was ten minutes early and walked around the was all dark with the exception of an artist working in her studio. The doors were all locked too. I waited until a few minutes after 6 and thought maybe I'm not in the right spot so I drove the other way on Meeting Street where the addresses all got smaller (of course!).  So I drove back to the original location and lo and behold, the doors were now wide open and people were mingling downstairs. Ha. If it's going to happen to someone, it's going to happen to me!!

Open Door Shop's owners were very sweet and understanding though. They have so many fun goodies and specialize in wedding registries online so if you're getting married, go check them out!!

After I left the BNO, I stopped by the newly renovated in-line hockey rink in North Charleston.
 It looks so good, y'all. I cannot wait to get out there and play.  All the guys I play with did double takes when I showed up since I was in a dress AND make-up. They're used to me being make-up free, smelly and in full goalie gear.  

On Wednesday night, my husband and I met up with Meg and her husband at The Alley downtown for bowling. I am totally kicking myself for not getting a picture of the four of us but I did get a picture of the yummy food!
 Husband went the healthy route with a turkey and avocado sandwich...
...while I ate Fried Oreos (in my defense, I had already had dinner so this was dessert)!

We had a great time with Meg and Mike and hope to hang out with them again soon!!

On Thursday, we finally tried out Philly's in Summerville.
 This is the "small" 8 inch cheese steak. It was soooo big. My stomach nearly exploded but it was delicious.

On Saturday, I met my mom down in Savannah to give her the kids for Spring Break.  I was originally going to go to Florida too but my husband is in a week-long school and we didn't want to board the dog.  So I've got lots of fun (not) projects planned for the week.  Like re-caulking the shower. I know you're jealous.

 After I got back from Savannah, my husband and I headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Taco Boy.
The wait for inside was 45 minutes so we made the brilliant decision to eat outside. In the wind. There are heat lamps but all the tables near those were full.  But it's Taco Boy and you will suffer for their yummy food.

Sunday we decided to take our dog downtown for the first time. We were a little hesitant to go to busy parts since this was her first outing so we headed to The Citadel since I'd never been to the campus before.

The campus is nice and quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Bailey did good and didn't pull too much on the leash. 
We then decided to go check out Brittlebank Park which is about 2 minutes away from The Citadel.

Another nice spot to walk the dog. Bailey met another dog up close and got a little hyper but not too bad.

Overall, it was a really nice weekend. My husband and I definitely don't spend enough time together (minus the kids) so it was really fun!

What were you up to this weekend? Anything fun? :)

Bella And The City

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  1. Seriously, how did we not get a photo?? We are such bad bloggers ;) I've still never been to the Citadel campus or Brittlebank Park - it looks awesome and that giant class ring is really cool. Hope you're having a good (and hopefully quiet and peaceful) spring break week! Can't wait to meet up again sometime soon :)