Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random Thursday


Sooo...have you heard of the app called Endorse ?
 Every Thursday they have new items that you can get money back on.  Pretty much every other week, I have gotten 100% back on coffee (I think it's up to $3)...any coffee...which means I high-tail my butt over to Starbucks and get an almost free tall mocha! All you have to do is upload the receipt and they'll credit you at some point during the day.  You can use receipts within the last 6 days (save them!!) so this morning when the new items popped up, I had 10% on fast food and laundry detergent (any brand) which I had just purchased a couple of days ago so I was able to get money back on both of them.

If you go to Target, Old Navy, American Eagle, or Best Buy, etc.  you should also check out shopkick. You get points whenever you walk into certain stores which you can eventually trade in for gift cards.  Stores that don't have points for walking in sometimes have items that you can scan for points too.


My niece (below) has been doing some Spring Lookbook modeling for The TuTu Cute Bowtique in GA.
 More pictures on their full website here
Most of their items seem to be under $50 so check out them out!

I found a group of guys that play roller hockey around here so I decided after a 12-13 year hiatus, I am going to get back into playing hockey.
My equipment had been in storage for years so it was pretty gross, but I have gotten everything cleaned up (and smelling somewhat good)...  I've also been putting on gear (and maybe skating around the house) to make sure everything fits...
 Trying my pads on...with Sperrys...

I'm going to play this weekend, so wish me luck!
I hope I don't embarrass myself!! :P

Hope y'all are having a great day!

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  1. wow you play hockey?! I'm impressed! How cute is your niece:) Those apps sound very cool, looking them up!