Thursday, August 23, 2012

Texas Trip

The fam and I recently took a two week trip to Texas to visit family...
We made a little pit stop in Destin because I'd never been:
 Husband w/ the kids.
 We were literally there for an hour playing in the water and then took off towards New Orleans.
The next day, we met up with my husband's sister and her family
 This is one of the few vacay pics I made it into since I'm usually the one taking the pics.
We visited the Downtown Aquarium in Houston..
  They have a few rides outside... Though they did not measure him, they said my 4 year old was tall enough to ride this ride:

 He looooved it...It's the kind that takes you up, drops you a little, sends you back up, drops you a little more... I think he ended up riding it at least 3 times.
We also got some more baby holding in:
 Husband and I with my sweet nephew
We spent most of our time hanging with family and watching the Olympics.... 
I did get a little shopping in with Tasha when I was up in Dallas which is always fun...especially b/c it ends with cupcakes at Sprinkles and then french fries from Wendy's or McD's. :)

Heading out for meet the teacher at my kids' school...

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