Friday, August 10, 2012

Make a Cute Magnet or Corkboard!

Hello Pink and Green Mom readers! This is actually Natasha writing this. Erika asked me to be a guest blogger today and I was so excited! And, yes, I am the Natasha that was Erika's blogging partner that she lost to couponing. :) That is completely true, too, btw! Not too long after we started this blog I got into the couponing fad bigtime and literally spent all of my free time on that. Erika still makes fun of me sometimes, but she gets a nice bag of goodies every time she visits!

Anyways, I recently decided that I missed the blogging world, but I was never very good at the personal blog. I could never think of anything fun to post. What can I say, I'm just too boring! So I decided to start a blog about my other love - geek culture - because I am a total geek at heart. I also really enjoy crafts so I've posted a few geeky crafts (but they can easily be converted to really cute non-geek things). So Erika asked me to post one of my crafts on here. Today I'm going to show you the magnet board that I made. This is SO easy to make and you can do it so many different ways. I chose to make a superhero magnet board with Flash magnets.

Supplies – fabric, a frame, a piece of scrap metal (or you can use a cookie sheet if you can find one that is flat. They often have these at the dollar stores) or a piece of cork, glue gun, magnets and glitter foam paper.

Step 1 – If you’re using cork, measure out the correct size for your frame and cut it.

Step 2 - Wrap your fabric around the frame and glue it down to the backside of your metal or cork like this:

Step 3 – Place in frame. You’ll probably want to save and reuse the backing that came with the frame so the back is more attractive, but if it’s too tight you can leave it off – no one will be seeing it, anyway!

That’s it for the board! Ridiculously easy. The magnets take a little more time but they are a lot of fun to make.


Supplies – glitter foam paper (you can find it at any craft store usually around the children’s craft supplies), magnets (again any craft store for about $2 a bag).

Step 1 – Decide what shapes you want to make your magnets. If you are good at drawing, you can draw on the back of your glitter paper. I am not good at freestyle so I did a search online for “Flash Symbol” and printed one out that I could trace.

Step 2 – Cut out your shapes.

Step 3 – Adhere magnets to the back. The magnets that I purchased had sticky backs or you can glue them on.

That's it! If you have kids then this is great because they have so many licensed fabrics at all the fabric stores - Marvel, Hello Kitty, Disney and so much more. But they also have so many cute fabrics that I love such as chevron patterns and polka dots. Plus, you can do any frame you like and just really make it to your own style. 

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my guest post! If you'd like to check out my new blog it is called Wild for Wednesdays . I've already informed Erika that she will be guest blogging for me sometime in the near future, so look for that! She may not be a total geek like myself, but I know she likes a few geeky things here and there, so I'm going to bring the geek out of her! 

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