Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Insta favs and quick update

Hey y'all!
We are finally in our new house...of course, now I am trying to get this apartment all cleaned up before we hand those keys over on Thursday.  I'm also still using the apartment for the internet because we can't get service at the house until the 30th.  Say what??  I might die. :)
Anyways.  I thought I'd put up a quick post today to share some of my favorite gals on Instagram!  If you'd like to follow me too, click here!!
 Emily from Big Star Studios

Ashley from The Teacher Diva

Kelly from Honor, Courage, Commitment

Sorry for the short post and lack of pics!
Hope y'all are doing well.
I'm trying to keep up with everyone...mainly via Instagram until I can get back up and running on the 30th.



  1. Good luck on the cleaning and the move!!! :-)

  2. Hi! I just wanted to let you know you've been chosen as one of our giveaway winners for the Breathless Cards! I couldn't find your email, so please send mailing info to my email at


  3. I'll have to look for you! I'm on Instagram too :)


  4. As soon as Instagram makes it so that I can use it on a desktop, you can sure bet I will join! :)

  5. Girlfriend, thanks for putting me on your list! I love your Insta-life too;)