Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lately and Wednesday Wants

It's been awhile...
We *finally* found a house.  The home inspection is tomorrow and we hope to close in mid-August.  I have been busy getting e-mails off to the loan officer. I have never scanned so many papers in my life, y'all.  

Now that I am trying not to shop for anything, I reallly want to buy stuff!! 

Here are some things I'm wanting for the new house and for me!!

Btw, Letters from a Mermaid is giving away a dress (winner picks) on her blog. Ends in three days so head on over there.

Cute, right?!

Anyone watch Catfish on MTV last night?  Such a guilty pleasure.  I really am convinced it's all fake.  What do y'all think??



  1. I'm loving that bedding and congrats on a house!!! That's huge and I'm jealous! Can't wait to see how you decorate it. Xo

  2. Love the maxi and those vases! I wanted to thank you for popping by my blog and wish you a wonderful weekend xo